Products : CMS Reports Plus

CMS Reports Plus is an enhanced reporting system for CMS Plus. It offers a variety of reporting benefits, including:

Access reports from most Administration screens.
Print preview.
Set page range and number of copies to print.
Set data filters to include/exclude specific records (e.g., Include activity records where the score is less than 60%).
Export reports to any of the following formats:

  • Text (ASCII)
  • Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • DBF (dBase)

The reports included with CMS Reports Plus are:

  • Course list for student (A)
  • Students for course (A)
  • All courses (C)
  • Courses for administrator (C)
  • All users (U)
  • All students (U)
  • Students for administrator (U)
  • Student transcript (RA)
  • Student transcript including modules (RA)
  • Gradebook for course (RA)
  • Activity for administrator (RA)
    (Key: A = Assignments; C = Courses; U = Users; RA = Review Activity)

The reporting system we use with CMS Reports Plus is R&R Report Writer from Liveware Publishing, Inc. (www.livewarepub.com). This report writer has the power and ease-of-use that make it a perfect fit for CMS Plus. With your purchase of CMS Reports Plus, Vision includes the runtime version of the R&R report writer. This allows you to print and preview reports, set filter conditions, export report data, and set print page options.

Although CMS Reports Plus includes the ability to filter reports by a wide range of criteria, you may have the need for new, customized reports. In this case, you can purchase the R&R Report Writer software (from an independent source) and create unlimited reports for use with CMS Reports Plus. In addition, Vision can build custom reports for your organization. Contact us with your requirements and we'll respond with a price quote.

Note: The full version of R&R Report Writer (SQL/ODBC edition; version 6.5) is available on the Internet from several software outlets.

CMS Reports Plus - $99.00 (plus shipping/handling)