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Run CMS Reports
Select Printer Device
Previewing a Report
Select Print Options
Filtering Report Results


The CMS Pro CS Reports Module provides the means to view the list of available reports, to setup your printer, to set the print options and to preview and print the selected report. On several screens throughout CMS, you will see the Reports button. Use the Reports button to bring up the Report Module's main screen. The CMS Reports screen is shown below. This screen provides access to the major report printing functions.

Run CMS Reports

When the CMS Reports screen appears, the reports listed are appropriate to the area of CMS at which you are working. To select a report, click the desired report on the list to highlight the line. The description of the report will show in the description box below. Click the Print button to preview and/or print the report.

The Close button on the CMS Reports screen closes the CMS Reports module and returns you to the CMS module that called the Reports module.

Select Printer Device

The selected print device shows below the Description box. To change or configure the print device, click the Print Setup button. This takes you to the Print Setup screen, which allows you to select a different print device or to set the desired options for the selected print device via the Setup button.

Previewing a Report

The Print Preview check box determines if a screen preview of the report appears before printing the report. Selecting to preview the report (default) does disable several of the print options discussed in the Print Options section below. From the Preview screen, you may select several different options to help you review and print the report.

The buttons at the top of the preview have the following functions:

Print entire report
Print current page
Zoom in the preview to a higher magnification
Zoom out the preview to a lower magnification
Navigate to the first page of the report
Navigate to the previous page
Navigate to the next page
Navigate to the last page
Pause page navigation
Close report preview without further printing

After you review the report preview, select the Print entire report button to leave the preview screen and print the report, or select the close report button to leave the preview screen without printing the report.

Select Print Options

There are a number of print options available to the user. To select the desired print options, click the Options button that takes you to the Print Options screen. The Print Options screen is divided into three parts: Report Destination, Report Range and Filter Report.

The Report Destination section contains a number of options to choice from as to how the report will be printed. Several of these options are NOT available if you choose to preview the report.

Report Destination Description Available with Preview
Printer The report is sent to the selected printer. Yes
Print File The report is sent in the format of the selected printer to the designated filename. Yes
Text File The report is sent in text (txt) format to the designated filename. No
Text Data File The report is sent in comma delimited data format to the designated filename. No
RTF File The report is sent in Rich Text Format to the designated filename. No
HTML File The report is sent in Hyper Text format to the designated filename. No
DBF File The report is sent in dBase data format to the designated filename. No
Spreadsheet File The report is sent in .WKS worksheet format to the designated filename. No
PDF File The report is sent in .Adobe Acrobat PDF format to the designated filename. No

All of the above options except the first require that you enter a filename into the filename box. You may browse for the desired directory in which to place the file by clicking the Directory button and locating the directory.

The Report Range section controls the number of pages and copies produced during the print process. The default is for all pages to print one copy. To restrict the pages that print, enter the starting page number into the From box and the ending page into the To box. To print more than one copy of the report, enter the desired number of copies into the # Copies box.

Filtering Report Results

The Filter section consists of the Filter report check box. If you would like to add filter conditions to the report, place a check in the box. When the report is running, a check in this box will bring up the Insert Condition screen provided by the R&R report engine. This screen allows you to create additional filter conditions to be applied to the report before preview/printing.

To set a filter using the Edit Condition screen, first select a field from the Field list, next select a comparison from the Comparison list and finally enter the comparison value into the Compared To field. Click the OK button to get to the Filter screen.

From here you may add additional conditions, verify your filter or select OK to proceed with the report.

More on Filtering Report Results

The use of the Conditions box requires some knowledge of working with databases and selecting the correct parameters. Start with simple, single part, conditions to gain experience and familiarity with the notation used by the report writer. The format of condition are as follows:

Column_Name Operator Constant
STATUS equal to 1
FIRSTNAME like "Kath%" (Begins with)
LASTNAME not like "%son%" (Contains)

The filter condition box provides a list of usable column names and available operators. You will need to type in the constant information. Strings must be contained within double quotes while numbers are not. The datetime fields used in CMS Pro are stored as strings in the format "yyyymmdd hh:mm:ss". Logical fields such as Status and Complete use the number 0 (zero) as No and 1 as Yes. See the User Guide section for the Maintenance module (CmsMtc.exe) for details on the data table field definitions.

Multiple filters conditions may be used with the report by selecting the Insert or Append buttons from the Filter dialog box. The filters may be connected with either AND or OR connectors, depending on your need.

Table of Contents

CMS Pro CS Reports Module User Guide
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