Products : CMS Pro for ToolBook II 6.5, 7.2, and 8.5/8.6 (Assistant and Instructor)

What is CMS Pro?
CMS Pro is the premier course management system for computer-based training applications. CMS Pro, in conjunction with courseware authored with ToolBook II Assistant or Instructor, provides course delivery, learner access, performance tracking, and reporting in any multi-user LAN environment.

With CMS Pro, you can define your courseware by grouping multiple ToolBook II books into single courses, assign the courseware to any number of learners, collect the results (scores, number of sessions, completion status, etc.), and print a wide variety of reports.

CMS Pro Features
The list below highlights just a few of the many features you'll find in CMS Pro. For in-depth product information, refer to the CMS Pro User Guide and Product Comparison. For additional highlights, take a moment to walk through our visual tour of CMS Pro.

Runs on Windows NT, Novell NetWare, and any peer-to-peer network
The CMS Pro databases and client applications can reside on any computer in a LAN or peer-to-peer network configuration.

Student Groups
CMS Pro allows you to establish student groups as a new and powerful way to organize students. For example, you can assign a course to a student group to automatically assign the course to all students in the group. Similarly, when you add a student to a group, the student is automatically assigned to the courses assigned to the group. CMS administrators will save a great deal of time with this feature.

If you enable the option, any user who has access to the CMS Pro Student Access application can self-register into the system. The user simply chooses the "login as new user" option from the program login screen and enters his or her name. The new student can then access any of the courses designated for open-enrollment.

Guest Access
If you enable the option, any user on the network can log into the Student Access application as a guest, which then provides the user with access to open-enrollment courses. This is a great way to provide access to your ToolBook courseware without the need to manage unnecessary student records.

Data-access through ODBC
CMS Pro utilizes ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) for all database operations. This technology provides excellent performance and reliability on all types of LAN-based networks, including NT and Windows peer networks. It also means that all database operations are in SQL (Structured Query Language), which is an industry standard. Your CMS data is stored in the dBase IV file format, making it easy for you to create custom reports from a wide range of Windows applications including Microsoft Access, Excel, Crystal Reports, and many others.

Enhanced Reporting System
CMS Pro includes an upgraded version of our CMS Reports Plus software, complete with new reports and easier customization.

Launch Non-ToolBook Course Modules
In previous versions of the CMS, a course was defined as a series of one or more ToolBook books (called modules). In CMS Pro, you can now choose any type of file to represent a module of a course. For example, you might want students to review a Microsoft Word document as part of a course assignment, or to view streaming-media content in a Web browser. This feature opens-up lots of possibilities for improving the effectiveness of your courseware.

A stand-alone version of CMS Pro is also available. The stand-alone version allows multiple students to access courseware on a single computer. Besides the single-user access, this version of CMS Pro includes all other features found in the full network-capable version of CMS Pro.

Join our growing list of customers and explore the benefits of using CMS Pro to help manage, distribute, and assess the effectiveness of your ToolBook-built courseware.

Our CMS Pro customers include Goodyear Tire & Rubber, American Medical Response, Inc., City of Independence MO, Wayne State University, The Australian Army and many more companies and organizations around the world.

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